Say Goodbye to Cramps and Hello to Spring!


Spring is a time for new life and fresh beginnings and in that spirit we are providing women with the chance to win a ZIIVAA® menstrual cramp relief belt. Menstrual discomfort is the number one cause of missed work and school for women in their teens and twenties as reported by the National … [Read more...]

ZIIVAA Belt is Now Available in the Netherlands

Ziivaa Netherlands Launch

Official Launch Scheduled at Girlfriends Weekend in Zeewolde, NL Ziivaa is pleased to announce that the ZIIVAA belt is now available for purchase in the Netherlands through Women-CareB.V. This is the first country to be opened for consumer purchase in Europe. Ziivaa’s mission is to help women … [Read more...]

Enter our Thank God I’m A Woman Giveaway!

Thank God I'm a Woman Giveaway

November is a time for thankfulness, so we at ZIIVAA® are announcing the “Thank God I’m A Woman Giveaway!” During the month of November we will be giving away ZIIVAA® belts to women as a thank you for just being you! To enter the T.G.I.W. Giveaway please visit or ZIIVAA® on Facebook. … [Read more...] Adds the ZIIVAA Belt

Brookstone Adds Ziivaa Belt

We are excited to announce that our signature ZIIVAA® belt is now available for purchase through Brookstone’s website, Brookstone carries high quality products in their catalog, online and through retail stores. This new partnership will continue moving forward Ziivaa's … [Read more...]

The ZIIVAA Belt is Now Available at Sharper Image

Ziivaa now at Sharper Image

Ziivaa is pleased to announce that the ZIIVAA® belt is now available for purchase through the Sharper Image® catalog and also online at The Sharper Image catalog is delivered to millions of homes across the United States. “We’re excited about this new partnership and the … [Read more...]

Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Innovation of the Human Mindset Pay It Forward, Carousel Solutions’ corporate social responsibility program, was started to remind people to help one another in a way that would create a bond between strangers or friends without asking for anything in return. The movement was based on the … [Read more...]

Lucky Duck Race for PACE

Race for Pace

PACE Manatee County PACE Manatee partners with community leaders to increase the awareness of the needs of girls, and provides them with new opportunities. PACE Center for Girls, Inc. is a nationally recognized organization that emphasizes on academics and social services, focusing on the future … [Read more...]

1 in 5 Women in Your Life Suffers


Give One . . . Get One! 1 in every 5 women suffers from severe menstrual discomfort. Stop for just one minute, think about 5 women in your life and imagine that one of them struggles each month with debilitating pain from their menstrual cycle. Pain that causes them to miss girls night, family … [Read more...]