Ginger, Artist

Ziivaa Testimonial - Ginger

Ziivaa Testimonial - Ginger

My name is Ginger and I’m a forty-nine year old decorative artist. I have suffered painful menstrual cramps since the age of eighteen. In high school and college, I was an athlete. I consistently missed three days a month, all because of my painful menstrual cycle.

I tried several over-the-counter drugs, but they did not relieve the pain. I took birth control pills, but that caused serious weight gain. My OBGYN prescribed Alleve to assist with my cramps. When that did not work, I became desperate. I even tried asking my doctor for a hysterectomy, but the doctor refused to perform the procedure. They told me, “Cramping is not a reason to have a hysterectomy.”

It was just an accident that I had an appointment scheduled at Dr. Lee’s office. I was suffering from horrible cramps that day, but I did not want to cancel the appointment. When I mentioned my discomfort to Dr. Lee he had me try a new product he was working on, the Ziivaa Belt. After ten minutes, the pain was gone. It blew me away that in ten minutes I had no cramps!

After the first time I used the belt, I began calling Dr. Lee’s office as soon as I started experiencing menstrual pain. When I would go in to the office I’d use the belt for ten minutes and my relief was instant and would last for the rest of my cycle. It really is amazing!

My duties each day as a decorative artist entail me to climb ladders and balance on scaffolding. Of course, that would be impossible with severe cramping. The Ziivaa Belt allows me to work and live a normal life.