Crystal, College Student

Ziivaa Testimonial - Crystal

Ziivaa Testimonial - CrystalI’m an 18-year-old college student majoring in Sonography. I have missed a lot of school and school activities because my cramps have been so severe. My lower back and stomach would hurt so bad during my cycle I couldn’t get out of bed or walk. I would cry so much from the pain it would cause severe headaches.

I was always in and out of the doctors. I tried all kinds of treatments from the hot water bottle to birth control to prescription medications. The prescriptions actually made me throw up and I still had my period cramp pain.

When I heard about the Ziivaa belt I was really hoping it worked because I wanted anything to make my period cramps stop. Dr. Lee showed me how to use the belt and a few weeks later my period cramps started in the middle of the night. I caught on quick and was able to use the belt and it worked!

I got up the next morning and could go to school, hang out with my friends and interact with my family. I was able to do everything the next day and I was in a better mood too. I didn’t have any pain for the rest of my menstrual cycle either.

I wish I had had it in high school when I missed so much school. Since my first use of the belt in August I have not missed school and since I’m in college that is the most important thing right now. The Ziivaa belt has really impacted my life!

Terry, Father and Retired Colonel

As a father in the military I was away from my family a lot. It was hard to watch my daughter suffer and not be able to help her. I can remember getting ready to deploy for a year and her not even being able to get out of the car because she was in so much pain.

The first time Crystal used the Ziivaa belt she came in the room afterward and gave me a hug and kiss and said, “it worked dad, it worked!” I couldn’t believe it. The next afternoon when she came home from school it was like I was looking at a different person. Normally for 3-5 days a month she keeps to herself, but she was so alive after using the Ziivaa belt.

This is a game changer from the standpoint of not just providing relief to a woman but for the health of a family. I want people to know, it’s going to make a difference, and it’s made a heck of a difference in our family.

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