Ayla, Mother

Ziivaa Testimonial - Ayla

Ziivaa Testimonial - Ayla

I’m a twenty-three year old mother and student. The only way I can describe my menstrual pain is horrible. My life is put on hold during my period. I can’t move my cramps are so bad and I just want to lie in bed. This disruption prevents me from playing with my kids and attending class.

After having my children my doctor prescribed 800-milligram tablets of Motrin. I’ve also tried other over the counter meds and nothing has helped to relieve my pain. Willing to try anything, I agreed to do a test study for a new product. I was very skeptical and don’t think it would work, nothing I had tried previously worked.

The belt actually worked! I put it on and tightened it and in 10-15 minutes my pains were gone and it lasted all day. I could get up, play with my kids and do what I had to do the rest of the day because I had no more pain. Instantly, I became a mother again. I could do chores around the house, work, and study.

Later that night, the cramping returned. I used the Ziivaa Belt for ten minutes, which allowed me to fall asleep and get a good night rest. I used the belt each day over the next four days of my menstrual cycle and found relief each day.

It really worked! I’m an active person and I don’t like sitting or lying in bed and with the Ziivaa belt I could be productive the whole day.

After dealing with this horrible menstrual pain for years, normalcy has returned to my life. I am now controlling the pain, instead of the pain controlling me.

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