Diagram of Ziivaa Belt Components from Instructions

Step by Step Instructions


Ziivaa belt instructions Step 1Step 1:
Find a comfortable location to relax. Position pads by placing a pad on each hip. If you are right-handed place the ratchet pad on your right hip. If you are left-handed place the ratchet pad on your left hip. Hook the belt and tighten using your hand closest to the buckle.



Step 2 - Where should the Ziivaa belt be on my hips?Step 2:
Stand up. Place a hand on each pad and move the belt toward the widest point of your hips.
Tip: Belt should be lower than you think.




Step 3Step 3:
Use your hand closest to the buckle to pull the strap and tighten the belt. The belt should be snug.




Lay DownStep 4:
Sit back down and roll onto your side that is opposite the ratchet pad.
If the belt has moved, reposition the belt to the widest point of your hips.





Pull StrapStep 5:
Pull the strap to re-tighten the belt. The belt should be snug.





Tighten the Ziivaa BeltStep 6:
Lift up on the ratchet handle to achieve compression using A.C.T. The belt should be tight but not uncomfortable.




Relax for 15 minutesStep 7:
Relax for 15 minutes.
Tip: Keeping the belt on for the full 15 minutes will provide extended relief, results may vary.




Release BeltStep 8:
To remove the belt, lift up on the buckle to loosen. Then unhook the belt.




Reset RatchetStep 9:
Reset the ratchet by lifting up on the ratchet release and pushing the ratchet strip back into the pad. Place your ZIIVAA® belt into the travel bag until your next use.




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Ziivaa is a truncal orthosis for dysmenorrhea. It is intended to provide pressure (compression) laterally to the pelvis for the purpose of reducing menstrual pain symptoms including cramps, abdominal pain and backache.