How it Works

The uterus is a muscle held in place by suspensory ligaments within a woman’s pelvic cavity. These ligaments attach themselves to both of the ilium (hip bones), the sacrum in the lowest part of the back, and soft tissues in the abdominal region in the front. Imagine the uterus is a water balloon being held in place on four sides inside a box by tight rubber bands.

When a woman begins to menstruate, the uterus contracts to eliminate the unfertilized egg, the uterine lining, and blood vessels. When this happens the uterus will naturally shrink in size (picture the size difference in a full water balloon and empty one). This contracting causes an increase in tension upon all of the suspensory ligaments where they attach to the pelvis, sacrum, and soft tissue. The pain from menstrual cramps starts in the lower abdomen and pelvis and can extend to the lower back as well as the legs.

Adjustable Compression Technology™

how-it-works-hiw-mainHow it works: The ZIIVAA® treatment belt uses Adjustable Compression Technology™ or A.C.T. When the device is used, the belt applies compression, using a series of safe adjustments, to slightly narrow the pelvis, relaxing the tension on the suspensory ligaments at the attachment sites on the pelvis, sacrum, soft tissues, and the uterus itself. This decreases the pain by treating at the source of the discomfort.

The ZIIVAA® belt is safe, effective, does not inhibit the natural menstrual cycle in any way. The device goes directly to the source to reduce, and in most cases, eliminate the pain.