What if I do not feel relief right away?

The time it takes to feel relief can vary. Some women experience relief within a few minutes while others may not feel relief until they have worn the belt for the full 15 minutes. If you do not find relief on your first attempt, adjust the belt as described above and re-tighten. The most important steps in achieving success is locating the proper pad position and attaining sufficient compression.

How do I know if the belt is positioned properly?

The pads should be located on each hip. Depending on your body, you may choose to move the pads more towards the front or more towards the back. For most women the belt works when the pads are at the widest point of their hips. However, some find relief with the belt placed higher or lower. It is important to “listen” to your body to find the position that will work best for you.

What if the ZIIVAA belt doesn’t work the first time I use it?

If you do not feel noticeable results the first time you use it, you may need to reposition the belt or the belt pads. The belt can be moved up or down on your hips. The pads may need to be moved more towards the front or back. If you are still not satisfied with your results, please contact our customer service support line at 941.225.6600 or fill out our contact us form.

How long has the ZIIVAA belt been around?

The method behind the product was first developed by Drs. Lee to give relief to their patients that were experiencing extreme cramping. After developing a proof of concept, they collaborated with world-renowned design firm, ROBRADY, to develop a device that would bring their solution to the world. The device has gone through years of office testing by Drs. Lee and through rigorous voice of customer trials. Through thousands of applications and feedback, it has been fine-tuned to provide you with the best possible experience.

Is the ZIIVAA belt safe for my daughter?

Because the device is non-invasive, drug-free, and only applies a minimal amount of compression, it is safe for girls and women up to almost any age. The ZIIVAA belt mildly applies less than half the amount of pressure a woman’s corset applies to the human body. As with any medical product speak to your doctor prior to use.

How tight should the ZIIVAA belt be?

The belt should be snug, but comfortable to wear. If you are uncomfortable at any point, the belt should be released or loosened. Some women tighten the belt as tight as they can, while others tighten it down slowly until they feel their desired compression.

Does the ZIIVAA belt require batteries?

Do I have to lie down?

For best results we recommend you lie down on your side for the recommended time frame. This will ensure that your experience with the ZIIVAA belt is the most effective.

How long and how often do I have to wear the ZIIVAA belt?

The ZIIVAA belt is worn for up to fifteen minutes per use. In most cases, the device only needs to be used once or twice per day, providing rapid relief while a woman is experiencing menstrual discomfort. The ZIIVAA belt can be safely used as often as needed.

Will I still get my period?

The ZIIVAA belt is non-invasive and drug-free therefore does not interrupt or change your natural cycle.

How does it work?

The ZIIVAA belt applies specific and gentle inward pressure to a woman’s hips. This reduces tension on the ligaments at the attachment sites, pelvis, sacrum, soft tissues, and on the uterus itself. The device works directly at the source to lessen pain. In most cases, pain is completely eliminated. See our how it workspage or watch the instructional video for more in-depth information.